My Learner ID/Mise Mar Fhoghlaimeoir is a new programme for primary schools that equips children with the language, skills and strategies for 'learning to be a learner'. The overall aim of My Learner ID is to elicit and record the voice of the learner in becoming and being a learner. My Learner ID supports children in becoming confident and capable learners – ready, willing and able to choose, design, research, pursue, troubleshoot and evaluate learning for themselves, alone and with others, in school and in life. 



My Learner ID is part of each child's assessment record. It equips children with transdisciplinary skills for learning for life. My Learner ID is a unique programme developed in Ireland by Dr. Suzanne Parkinson, Developmental & Educational Psychologist, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. The development of the series has been funded by COGG and more recently by EDCO Publishers. 'Learning to be a Learner' is identified as one of the seven core competencies underpinning the revised new primary curriculum (NCCA, 2020).  It is a timely, child-centred and inclusive programme that supports over 30 statements of highly effective practice from 'Looking At Our Schools' (DES, 2016).  Evaluated on over 500 children, use of the programme powers up learners equipping them with the confidence, independence and capacity to navigate challenges in learning, to personalise and select preferred learning strategies for learning and to acquire the language and vocabulary associated with learning to be a learner. 


The two video lessons, linked below, offer teachers and children a welcome break at this time from a curricular focus to a broader focus on learning to be a learner. The first lesson, on Metacognition and the strand of decision-making, is specifically for sixth class children. While the content is based on My Learner ID6, it can be offered to children as a stand alone lesson. The second lesson, on Memory, is suitable for children from fourth to sixth classes and is based on My LID5. Again, this works well as a stand alone lesson and is not dependent  on having familiarity with the programme.


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