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AUT24-106 Self-Compassion, Resilience and Self-Care Strategies for all School Personnel Webinar Series

AUT24-106  Self-Compassion, Resilience and Self-Care Strategies for all School Personnel Webinar Series

Self-Compassion, Resilience and Self-Care Strategies for all School Personnel (EY) (SNA) (P) (PP)

Self-Compassion, Resilience and Self-Care Strategies for all School Personnel Webinar Series

Date:      Thursdays - 19th September, 26th September and Thursday, 3rd October 2024
Time:      7pm to 8pm
Venue:   Online via Zoom
Target Audience:  All School Personnel

Join Emma Lynch on a journey of self-discovery, this transformational webinar series will explore the realms of self-compassion, resilience-building, and effective self-care and stress management strategies.

This series includes 3* 60 minute sessions. As well as focusing on the why, each webinar will share practical suggestions, and provide an opportunity for you to complete reflective activities, reinforcing your learning, for a lasting impact on your own wellbeing.

The series will cover:

  • The science of self-compassion
  • Building resilience using the HERO within
  • Stress Management techniques and tools for self-care

Session 1: The Science of self-compassion

Learning Goals:

  • Participants will gain a clear understanding of the core principles of self-compassion and be able to differentiate them from common misconceptions.
  • Explore the concept of fierce self-compassion and understand its relevance to both personal and professional growth.
  • Participants will examine the relationship between the consistent practice of self-compassion and the cultivation of a positive mindset.
  • Delve into the interplay between self-compassion and the development of a curious mindset, understanding how they mutually influence each other.
  • Recognise and appreciate how curiosity can enhance the practice of self-compassion, contributing significantly to ongoing personal development.
  • Gain valuable insights from research findings that highlight the diverse benefits associated with the science of self-compassion.
  • Participants will actively engage in practical activities and reflections designed for immediate application, providing tangible takeaways to integrate self-compassion principles into their daily lives.

Session 2: Building Resilience using the HERO within

Learning Goals

  • Develop a clear understanding of resilience and articulate its personal significance.
  • Gain awareness of Psychological Capital (HERO within) and its pivotal role in resilience, understanding its impact on overall well-being.
  • Understand the relationship between Psychological Capital and resilience, recognizing its importance to personal well-being.
  • Acquire a comprehensive set of resources to effectively navigate and address challenges, both in professional and personal spheres. During the session you will get the opportunity to try out some practical activities to experience resilience building techniques.

Session 3: Stress management techniques and tools for self-care

Learning Goals:

  • Develop an understanding of the significance of stress management in personal and professional contexts.
  • Gain hands-on experience with tools that raise awareness of growing stress levels, enabling proactive stress management.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Job Demands and Resources Model as it relates to stress management, recognizing its practical applications.
  • Explore research findings on stress management, gaining insights into evidence-based approaches to effectively deal with stress.
  • Understand and appreciate the evidence supporting gratitude as an effective stress management technique.
  • Apply practical stress management coping strategies, gaining firsthand experience in their effectiveness.
  • Develop a framework for setting and maintaining boundaries at work, promoting a healthier and more sustainable approach to managing stress in professional settings.

Bio of Presenter: Emma Lynch

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Emma Lynch is positive psychology practitioner, wellbeing facilitator and career transition coach. Emma’s work focuses on supporting individuals through group workshops and 1-1 coaching to find the clarity, direction and goals they need to put them in the pathway to flourishing in life. Emma has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and is accredited by the EMCC. Emma also combines her experience in positive psychology with a 13 year career in human resources.


Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 19-09-2024 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 03-10-2024 8:00 pm
Cut off date 03-10-2024 6:00 pm
Capacity 500
Course Fee Free
Location Online

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