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SP24-023 Support for Early Years Providers

SP24-023 Support for Early Years Providers

Dates: Feb 21st, March 6th & 20th 2024

Time: 7:00p.m.

Full Circle CBT Skills Programme- February 21st 
This workshop explores the benefits of implementing a self-care plan for Early Years Providers. The aim of this workshop is to create daily practices based on healthy cognitions, positive stress management and helpful behaviour patterns.
Building Social Competence in Children – March 6th
Many behaviours that we observe in childhood become predictors for later behaviours. According to research, children with prosocial behaviours have better relationships, emotional intelligence, and social harmony. Learning how to navigate complex interpersonal relationships is a life skill. This workshop is suitable for Early Years Providers.
CBT Skills for Children in Early Years- March 20th 
This workshop will explore Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies which are suitable for children in the Early Years. This workshop is packed with fun activities and games which can be used with young children to help them to develop their toolbox for minding their mental health and emotions.

Nicola Culloty is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. She offers online CBT to individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Nicola provides onsite and online training to workplaces and schools. Nicola has completed a Masters in CBT and Diploma in Traumatology and PTSD. Nicola is specialised in the area of stress management and using CBT techniques to reduce anxiety, increase productivity and build relationship based practice in the workplace.


Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 21-02-2024 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 20-03-2024 8:00 pm
Capacity 1000
Cut off date 20-03-2024 6:00 pm
Course Fee Free
Location Online

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