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AUT24-042 Leaving Certificate Calculus Course: Series of 4 Sessions

AUT24-042 Leaving Certificate Calculus Course: Series of 4 Sessions

Leaving Certificate Calculus Course: Series of 4 Sessions (PP)

Leaving Certificate Calculus Course: Series of 4 Sessions

DATE:     Tuesdays, 20th February, 27th February, 5th March & 12th March 2024
TIME:      7pm to 8pm

VENUE:  Zoom Webinar

Target audience: Teachers of Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths.

Class 1 - Limits, The Derivative and First Principles
• Review of Slope
• Concept of Limits
• The Derivative (an intuitive explanation with the aid of Geogebra simulations)
• Differentiation from first principles
• Section A Exam Questions

Class 2 - Differentiation by Rule / Applications of Differentiation
Differentiation by Rule
• Polynomials, Trigonometric Functions, Rational Functions, Exponential Functions
• Log Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions
• Chain Rule, Product Rule, Chain Rule

Applications of Differentiation
• Second Derivative
• Increasing/Decreasing Functions
• Max/Min/Points of Inflection

Class 3 - Applications of Differentiation / Integration
Applications of Differentiation
• Rates of Change
• Section B Exam Questions - Applications of Differentiation

• Inverse Functions
• The Antiderivative as an Inverse Function of the Derivative
• Indefinite Integrals
• Rules for Polynomials, Trigonometric Functions, Exponential Functions

Class 4 - Definite Integrals and Applications of Integration 
• Definite Integrals and Limits
• Approximation of Area using Trapezoidal Rule
• Area using Integration
• Average Value of a Function using Integration
• Integration Exam Questions

Profile – Seán Murphy

sean murphy

I have been teaching Maths, Physics and Applied Maths to Leaving Cert Honours level for the last 13 years in Ennistymon CBS / Ennistymon Community School, Co. Clare. I also teach Junior Cycle Science and Coding and Leaving Cert Computer Science. I have a website where I share my teaching resources for these subjects with other teachers/students.

From 2012 – 2015, I worked as a local facilitator for the Project Maths Development Team. This involved giving courses for Maths teachers in the Limerick and Clare Education Centres. In the last four years, I have also worked for various Education Centres giving teacher courses in Leaving Cert Honours Maths and Junior Cycle Coding.

I also give Leaving Cert Honours Maths revision courses every summer for 5th year students going into 6th year at (and formerly at Brú na Páirce, Killarney).

Before changing career to teaching in 2003, I worked as an Electronic Engineer for Parthus/Ceva Inc. ( ) for 7 years.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 20-02-2024 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 12-03-2024 8:00 pm
Capacity 1000
Cut off date 12-03-2024
Course Fee Free
Location Online

Location Map