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AUT24-116 The 5 Steps to the Inclusion of Autistic Students

AUT24-116 The 5 Steps to the Inclusion of Autistic Students

Dates: September 25th, October 2nd,9th,16th & 23rd

Time: 5:00 pm

Learning outcomes for the 5 week course:

1)      Characteristics of autism; Strengths and challenges: The participants will be introduced to the characteristic strengths and needs of autistic learners, the main psychological theories of autism and the different perspectives of intellectual rather than intuitive learners. This seminar will set the foundation blocks for further, deeper understanding to come.

2)      Sensory processing: Pathway to Sensory Inclusion: The participants will follow a 4 step process from Awareness to Understanding to application and Inclusion of Sensory needs of autistic children. It is hoped that the participants will gain a further understanding of the Sensory Differences involved with Neurodiversity.

3)      Communication: Social Communication and Interaction: The participants will take a deep look at the areas of Communication and interaction by looking at developmental levels, play skills and social interaction demands. There is a focus on the shared responsibility for social communication.

4)      Stressful behaviour: A deep look at behaviours that may occur due stress and distress. The participants will look at the low arousal approach to stressful behaviours, the communication underlying stressors and strategies for helping students achieve a sense of regulation.

5)      Safe Social Story Creation. The participants will be brought through the stages of writing Social Narratives for children that are Safe, Explicit, Accurate and Meaningful(SEAM) focussing on information that informs children of what they are expected to do rather than not do.

Presenter: Shaun Greville

Facilitator Shaun Greville teaches in the Esker Centre, Ballinamere. Shaun completed 5 years secondment to the SESS and latterly the NCSE. He fulfilled the roles of Advisor and Assistant National Coordinator for the autism team with a focus on in-school support for teachers and both in-school and external CPD regarding autism. She has been teaching autistic students for over 20 years and creating and providing training for staff and parents in third level colleges of education, post primary, primary and special schools. He also provides support groups for teachers and parents of autistic students. He is a co author of the soon to be published Good Practice Guidelines for Schools for teaching autistic students.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 25-09-2024 5:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 23-10-2024 6:00 pm
Cut off date 23-10-2024
Capacity 100
Course Fee Free
Location Online

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