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AUT24-150 Autism and Behaviour (3-Part Webinar Series)

AUT24-150 Autism and Behaviour (3-Part Webinar Series)

24TRA430 Autism and Behaviour (3-Part Webinar Series) PRIMARY


TIMES:      7.00PM - 8.00PM

Target Audience: Primary Teachers & SNAs who wish to gain a greater understanding of behaviour and reduce behaviours of concern in the classroom

Webinar 1: Understanding Behaviour - Monday, 25th Nov @ 7pm
This webinar will explore ‘What is behaviour’. It will define and look at the causes and functions of behaviour and how you can identify them in the classroom. It will introduce simple behaviour tracking systems to record, track and assess the functions of particular behaviour that challenges.

Webinar 2: Proactive Strategies to Reduce Behaviours of Concern - Monday, 2nd Dec @ 7pm
This webinar will explore proactive strategies which can be used in the classroom to reduce and prevent incidence of behaviours of concern. For each of the identified functions of behaviour we will explore strategies and alternative behaviours which we can teach to replace behaviours that challenge.

Webinar 3: Managing Behaviours of Concern as they arise - Monday, 9th Dec @ 7pm
In this webinar, we will explore reactive strategies, i.e., how to respond to behaviour that challenges if and when it arises; keeping staff and students safe, de-escalation strategies and responding to teach. Finally we will look at the steps to take after an incident; de-briefing for staff, necessary paperwork and planning to prevent future occurrences.

Bio of Presenter: Jessie Kelly

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Jessie is a Special School teacher and Deputy Principal with almost 12 years experience working with and teaching Autistic children and teenagers. Jessie has worked in a range of roles including home tutor, autism preschool tutor, SNA and Special class teacher. Jessie completed an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2012 and qualified as a primary school teacher with Hibernia College in 2019. Jessie recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in the Education of Students on the Autism Spectrum at DCU. Jessie is passionate about educating Autistic students to their fullest potential. She runs the Instagram page ‘InspiredbyAutism’.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 25-11-2024 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 09-12-2024 8:00 pm
Cut off date 09-12-2024 7:00 pm
Capacity 1000
Course Fee €5.00 for 3 part series
Location Online

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